What are the benefits of Professional Selection Advantage (PSA)?

Save Money
-The fees for Professional Selection Advantage services are a fraction of the costs for traditional nonprofit recruiting services. You choose the services you need.

  Save Time
-In each PSA service, our HR consultants take over the work that slows down your hiring process so you and your colleagues can stay focused on your responsibilities. Whether you seek good planning for effective search strategies or someone to manage your hiring process, PSA experts will handle the assignment until it is time for you to interview prescreened candidates and choose from those who are appropriate.

  Improve Hiring Confidence
-Our nonprofit hiring consultants provide in-depth information that will give your organizationís hiring executives the added information and perspectives and confidence they need to make a choice. Professionally conducted screening, interviewing, performance assessment, and referencing, provides significant insights that will help you understand who you are selecting and how to help them succeed.

Who should use Professional Selection Advantage?

  Any executive/manager who is responsible for hiring staff.

  An organization concerned about the amount of staff time that a hiring process takes from staff and busy executives.

  An organization that does not have the depth of resources to conduct an effective hiring process.

  An organization that does not have internal expertise to screen
candidates for the positions being filled.

  An organization whose budget does not allow for traditional services but requires professional support to ensure a more confident selection.

  Organizations wishing for access to seasoned recruitment professionals at affordable fees.

  What staff positions can Professional Selection Advantage help us with?

  The full spectrum of positions from entry-level to executive in any field or professional discipline.

What is the difference between Executive Search and Professional Selection Advantage Services?

  Professional Selection Advantage offers a menu of professionally directed services to help organizations in their hiring process. The candidate pool is the result of your outreach efforts.

  The focus of Executive Search is on identifying and recruiting top performers in the field. This happens through aggressive networking, outreach phone calls, and use of databases and other recruiting based methods to develop a pool of candidates for clients. Consultation is provided throughout the search process. Employers seeking a full-service search firm should contact DRG, Inc.

Does Professional Selection Advantage serve organizations across the United States?

  Yes. Most of the services rely on internet and telecommunications; therefore, we can serve organizations in all parts of the country. There are also options for on site and in person interviewing and consulting for an additional fee.

Does PSA post positions for nonprofits?

No. Nonprofit clients that use our applicant screening service will have their positions posted on our parent website DRG, Inc.

Does PSA accept resumes from job-seekers?

No. We only accept resumes for nonprofit clients who are using our services for a specific search.

What are the fees for Professional Selection Advantage?

  PSA fees are a fraction of traditional services. Clients select from a menu of services to meet their needs. Each service has a fee component. For a discussion of fees, please contact us at (212) 983-1600.